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Vision, Mission & Values

Our Vision

A dynamic learning community that nurtures loyal citizens with global outlook and Godly character.

Our Mission

As an Anglican school, we are committed to providing a balanced development of body, mind and spirit for our pupils, to produce God-fearing citizens for our nation.

Our Values

Love Sincerely
  • To show care and concern to others 
  • To be able to make friends and get along well with others 
  • To be proud to be a Hildan and a Singaporean 

Serve Humbly
  • To think and put others before self 
  • To be willing to help, contribute and share 

Learn Continuously
  • To be self motivated and reflective learners 
  • To seek, apply and process new knowledge

Lead Wisely
  • To be good role models 
  • To set exemplary behaviour 
  • To be honest and responsible 
  • To take initiative to contribute 

Live Responsibly
  • To know and do what is expected 
  • To be able to take good care of oneself and the environment 
  • To take pride in their work and learning