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Learning for Life (LLP) Imprints Alive!

Our school’s Learning for Life Programme, IMPRINTS ALIVE, aims to nurture creativity and appreciation of the different cultures through the Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Community Involvement and Student Leadership.

Students are introduced to a variety of age-appropriate art forms. Students use their artistic talents to serve the school and community. Customised programmes are put in place to develop students’ skills and competencies in the areas of aesthetics, service and leadership.

We aim to help the students appreciate the arts in all its varied and cultural forms, learn and understand the elements of the arts through a fun and purposeful curriculum, ignite their passion for the arts through nurturing their talent and creativity, value-add and edify the lives of others by their artistic expression and through it all, experience the interdisciplinary dimensions of the arts.

Through this programme, Hildans are developed to become motivated and resilient individuals.

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