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Applied Learning Programmes (ALP): The Hildan Ambassador's Education

Our school’s Applied Learning Programme, Hildan Ambassador’s Education, aims to nurture effective communicators through an enriched global education. With the Speak Up! ACTS module, students’ exposure to local and global events is broadened through specially curated newspaper articles or video clips for both Mother Tongue Languages and English Language. The selection of these resources is tiered to be age-appropriate in order to pique interest and foster engagement in learning.

Newsworthy articles or video clips are used to scope the context for learning through the application of SHPS’ ACTS Thinking Tool (Ask a Question, Challenge an Idea, Think further, Speak up). Students’ learning experiences are enriched through in-depth class discussions during which they explore ideas, articulate their opinions and strengthen their ability for perspective-taking.

Through this programme, Hildans are equipped to be critical thinkers with the ability to listen and relate to others as effective communicators, prepared for the challenges presented by the global landscape.

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