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Hildan Playscape

Our Hildan Playscape is more than just a physical learning space. At the Hildan Playscape, the 3Is of Innovation – Imagination, Inquisitiveness and Interconnection are promoted through an interdisciplinary thematic approach. Students experience the joy of learning through intellectual risk-taking opportunities when they explore, discover and create.

Play @ Playscape is carried out during the various recesses where students engaged in structured and unstructured play through tinkering with Lego, Cubetto, Quirkbot, strawbees and recycled materials. Purpose@Playscape is also structured into the school curriculum through subjects like Mathematics, Science, Art, National Education and CCE. Students enjoy the learning of the various subjects through fun, engaging and meaningful hands-on activities. Passion@Playscape is enhanced when interest groups explored tinkering, coding or creating using the Design Thinking Process and through Changemaker Projects and Hildan Design Challenge.

Through our Hildan Playscape, Hildans develop the skill of perspective taking and have an entrepreneurial dare to cultivate the dispositions of a Changemaker.

Hildan Journalism Project (HJP) using Green ScreenTechnology (Makerspace)

The Hildan Journalism Project (HJP) is part of a spin off from Playscape. It empowers students’ inclination in oracy or info-communication skills to impact a positive change during school events. Students from different classes are identified and taught research and journalism skills by teachers and learning partners (volunteer experts). The students take on the role of journalists and AV crew. They will apply their learning to create newsreels and short video-clips which cover various key school events and issues happening around us.

Through the HJP, our Hildan student journalists seek to report on and raise awareness about important events and issues in our school community and beyond.

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