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Principal's Message

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One Family – Honouring Our Legacy

This year, the Hildan family celebrates our 85th Anniversary. Since the founding of St Hilda’s School by Archdeacon Graham White in 1934, the school has grown and evolved into a dynamic learning community, raising generations of Hildans who are actively contributing to our country. We give God the glory for the achievement of the school, and reflect on how we can spur one another on to continue the legacy of our founder in nurturing loyal citizens with strong moral values, who are ready for the future and ready to serve. We continue the important work of developing the body, mind and spirit of our students through a values-based, student-centric education.

While St Hilda’s Primary School continues to provide a rigorous academic curriculum to challenge every Hildan to excel, we are cognizant of the need to prepare them for the demands of a highly complex and globalised world. Our pupils need to be equipped with skills, dispositions and competencies for the 21st century. They also need to be grounded in sound values and be willing to learn continuously to manoeuvre the changing terrains of the future lanscape. They need to learn for life.

As part of our strategy to achieve this, we have adopted an integrated approach in designing and positioning our two niche programmes, the Hildan Ambassadors’ Education and Imprints Alive.  The Hildan Ambassador’s Education, an Applied Learning Programme aims to develop confident communicators through an enriched global education, inculcating critical and inventive thinking and communication skills and applying them in various social and cultural contexts. Imprints Alive, a Learning for Life Programme, on the other hand, aims to nurture creative and cultured Hildans who edify lives, by integrating Character and Citizenship Education into the Aesthetics Programme. 

As a community of educators and professionals, the staff at St Hilda’s Primary School continuously strive to provide a caring and stimulating learning environment to bring out the best in every child. We encourage our young learners to discover and develop their interests and talents, grow their social, emotional competencies and develop into future-ready citizens of the 21st century. Our teachers engage in research and experiment with new ways of instruction to better engage today’s learners. 

A firm believer that “it takes a whole village to raise a child”, St Hilda’s Primary forges strong partnerships with parents, alumni, the school management committee, our chaplaincy as well as external organisations and overseas partner schools. The many hands approach enables us to enhance the quality of education in the school and enrich the life of every child that passes through the gates of St Hilda’s Primary School. 

Mrs Daphne Yeoh