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Learning for Life Programme (LLP): Imprints Alive!

St. Hilda’s has in place an Aesthetics Alive programme that offers progressive opportunities for our students to discover, learn, and grow in various music and art forms.

Moving in line with the school’s emphasis on nurturing the holistic development of our students, this programme has been refined to deepen the aesthetics domain of art and music, while incorporating Character and Citizenry Education. This integration translates into the new Imprints Alive! programme, which underlies the goal of nurturing creative and cultured Hildans who edify lives.

The school envisions our students to have the heart and hands to bring out the beauty in the world around them, being given purposeful platforms to showcase their aesthetic talents while serving the community. Through this experiential learning journey of being advocates and contributors of the arts as well as concerned citizens and caring ambassadors, we want our students to leave invaluable imprints on themselves and the lives of others.