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Applied Learning Programmes (ALP) : The Hildan Ambassador’s Education

Our students are taught a multitude of different subjects, giving them a firm foundation in English Language, Mathematics, Science, Mother Tongue Languages (Chinese / Malay / Tamil), Physical Education, as well as Civics and Moral Education. On top of this, our strong Language Arts and Aesthetics programmes form the niche that the school is known for.

However, in the context of a rapidly changing world landscape, we recognise the importance of developing skills, dispositions, and competencies for the 21st century in our students. We adopted a more integrated approach in redesigning and repositioning our niche programmes.

The results are two key programmes benefitting our students – The Hildan Ambassador’s Education and Learning for Life Programme.

The Hildan Ambassador’s Education – Enriched Global Education
A hallmark of St. Hilda’s is our strong Language Arts programmes that are positioned to develop our students as confident and reflective communicators. As a stamp of affirmation, the school has been designated as the East Zone Centre of Excellence for English Language (Primary) since 2011, in recognition of our innovative approach in teaching and learning English.

Against the backdrop of a rapidly changing political, social and economic landscape, we see the impetus to reposition our goal to develop confident communicators through an enriched global education. It is critical to groom our students as inventive and critical thinkers, possessing competencies in complex thinking and communication skills and applying them in various social and cultural contexts.The Hildan Ambassador’s Education is designed to form part of this strategy.