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English Language

Mrs Tan Bee Li  Head of Department
Mdm Priscilla Goh  Subject Head (Internal)
Mrs Nazima S Mohammed Lead Teacher
Mr Edwin Lim Teacher
Mrs Jamal Zabedah P1 Level Representative cum HARP Co-ordinator
Ms Kasthuree T Kabilan P2 Level Representative
Mdm Freda Paul
P2 Level Representative, Learning Support Co-ordinator cum RIFP Co-ordinator
Mrs Miranda Liao P3 Level Representative
Mrs Yeo Yew Ling
P3 Level Representative
Mrs Long Ai Sang P4 Level Representative
Mdm Priscilla Goh P5 Level Representative
Mr Daniel Ng P6 Level Representative
Ms Jasarina A Jalil Committee Member

Programmes 2018

P1 and P2 
  • Hildan Avid Readers’ Programme (HARP)
  • A reading programme aimed to foster students’ love for reading at the formative years. It leverages on the partnership with parents to build a consistent reading habit. Tokens serve to excite students to be avid readers. 

  • Reading is Fun Programme (RIFP)
    Through partnership with parent volunteers, this programme provides the additional scaffold for students who might be reluctant readers and need the extra boost and encouragement to cultivate good reading habits.

P3 and P4
P5 and P6
  • Newspaper is Interesting, Cool & Enriching! (NICE) Programme
    Programme provides platform for students to read and critically analyse weekly newspaper articles using the ACTS Thinking Tool to hone critical thinking skills. Through effective questioning techniques, it increases students’ level of awareness of current affairs and confidence as they read, reflect and respond while challenging their personal beliefs and values raised in the articles.

  • Speak Up! ACTS Programme 
    In this post-truth world of fake news and alternative facts, how can our students learn essential skills to navigate this landscape? The teaching of critical thinking and media literacy skills can be a highly scholastic process, robbing the joy of learning from students. This signature programme explores the use of drama techniques to make learning of these skills an engaging experience and make applied learning come alive. Hildans are nurtured to be confident and articulate communicators in the process.

  • Literature-based Programme (P3, P4 and P5 only) 

  • The purposeful study of selected texts at the various levels seeks to help students develop an appreciation for literature. Students’ imagination is expanded and empathy fostered as they respond critically to the texts and actively construct meaning while making connections between the texts, their lives and the world.

English Assessment 2018

To view English Assessment, please click here