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    Dance allows students to have freedom of movement, allowing them to freely express their style and innermost feelings boldly on stage or in the presence of audience. It teaches the students to be outwardly expressive so as to enhance good communication with the society in the future. 
    During dance trainings, we instill in our dancers a love for the arts, a spirit of teamwork and responsibility as well as commitment to whatever they do. Through dance, the values of group work, mutual respect, tolerance and continuous progress towards perfection are inculcated.

CCA Achievements:

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Modern Dance CCA is conducted on :

Level Day Time Venue
P3-P6 (selected SYF dancers) Monday(Training will cease after SYF Presentation) 2.15pm – 4.00pm  E3-04
P2-P6(All dance members) Thursday 2.15pm – 5.00pm E3-04

Modern Dance Term 4 schedule:

Click here for Modern Dance schedule.

Modern Dance teacher(s) are:

Teacher Overall I/C: Miss Ho Wai Wai
      2nd Teacher I/C: Miss Karmen Tong
       3rd Teacher I/C: Miss Edwina Lee
       4th Teacher I/C: Mdm Rebekah Poh
       5th Teacher I/C: Mdm Wong Cui Dian