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Library Club

mathilda.png         The library club serves as a platform to empower students to champion library activities. The Students in the club are given opportunities to network with their peers. “I'm wondering what to read next. I've finished all the children's books!”  Matilda exclaimed.

     Step into the literary world with Library Club as we aim to inculcate the love of reading to all Hildans. Together with the student librarians, we hope to help students discover the joy of reading through the termly library activities. Over the course of the year, the student librarians will have the opportunity to develop their presentation skills through an active promotion of library activities.

CCA Achievements:

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The roles and responsibilities of a student librarian include:
        (1) shelving of fiction books in A-Z order
        (2) shelving of non-fiction books in subject order
        (3) ensuring the library shelves are neat and tidy
        (4) issuing and returning of storybooks
        (5) helping with thematic book display
        (6) preparing for library activities such as word search, related hands-on crafts etc
        (7) creating publicity posters to promote library programmes
        (8) promoting the love of reading through book reviews, book recommendations and storytelling

Library Club is conducted on:

Level Day Time Venue
P2 to P6 Monday 2.15 to 4.00pm  Library

Library Club Term 3 & 4 schedule:

Click here for Library Club  schedule.

Library Club teacher(s) are:

Teacher Overall I/C: Mdm Priscilla Goh
      2nd Teacher I/C: Mrs K Balasundaram