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        Our Guzheng Ensemble was established in 1996. Besides acquiring a greater understanding and appreciation of Chinese music and culture, its members also have the opportunity to display and hone their Guzheng skills.  We have won numerous accolades since its inception, including Gold and Silver awards, at the SYF (Singapore Youth Festival) competition since 2000. Every single performance has been an exciting experience for teachers and members, as well as a learning opportunity to practice self-discipline and teamwork.

CCA Achievements:

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Guzheng Practice session is conducted on:

Level Day Time Venue
Senior Mondays 
2.15 – 4.15pm  Guzheng Room at B5-02
Junior  Thursdays 2.15 – 4.00pm  F2-05 (Music Room behind the stage of Hildan Ark)

Guzheng Term 3 & 4 schedule:

Click here for Guzheng schedule.

Guzheng CCA teachers in-charge are:

Teacher Overall I/C: Mdm Kiu Hai Mei
      2nd Teacher I/C: Mdm Bai Yun 
       3rd Teacher I/C: Mdm Wang Qi
       4th Teacher I/C: Mdm Zhang Tao