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Drama Box

     We believe in nurturing students’ interest and passion for theatrical arts as they learn the techniques of the drama strategies and showcase them on stage.

In the course of the CCA, students will learn to be a / an:
Self Directed Learner: Self Management
- To demonstrate self-discipline and apply self-management skills to maintain physical, emotional and mental well-being
Confident Person: Self-Awareness
- To develop an appreciation of one’s own strengths and weaknesses, interests and talents
Confident Person: Communication
- To communicate effectively with peers, with others from diverse backgrounds and in different cultural environment or situations
Active Contributor: Teamwork
- To demonstrate a spirit of teamwork and collaborate effectively with others
Concerned Citizen: Friendship
 - To forge bonds of friendship with others from different backgrounds
CCA Achievements:

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the Drama Box is conducted on:

Level Day Time Venue
Beginners Mondays 2.15pm to 4pm  Blk E CCA Room E3-06
Advanced Mondays 2.15pm to 4pm Blk E CCA Room E3-06

the Drama Box Term 1 to 4 schedule:

Click here for the Drama Box schedule.

the Drama Box teacher(s) are:

Teacher Overall I/C: Mrs Jamal Zabedah
2nd Teacher I/C: Ms Preethi Valsalan 
 3rd Teacher I/C: Mrs Irene Tai