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Boys' Brigade

49J  Boys' Brigade Singapore

    The teachers and Volunteer Adult Leaders take up mentoring roles as officers to the boys in the company, guiding and instilling discipline in the boys, facilitating the development of the boys in the various skills such as drill, adventure skills as well as character development. The boys maintain a close relationship with the company and a number of them return to serve the company after graduation.
    The Boys’ Brigade 49J would like to thank our sponsoring church CCR, school leaders, Brigade HQ, parents, past officers and volunteers, present Volunteer Adult Leaders (VALs), fellow 49 Company officers from St Hilda’s Secondary School, parents and staff of Peace Connect for their support and close partnership all these years.

     To nurture Youth, based on Christian values to lead and serve

BB Object:
    The object of The Boys’ Brigade is the advancement of Christ’s Kingdom among Boys and the promotion of habits of Obedience, Reverence, Discipline, Self-Respect and all that tends towards a true Christian Manliness.

Twin Pillars of BB:

    The objective of the BB is to develop in the Boys good character and strong leadership quality through the “two pillars” – Christian Education and Discipline. Thus all activities planned are based on the two pillars. Through the framework of uniform, badges and drill, the habits of discipline, self-respect, smartness and teamwork are developed in each Boy according to his need and his capacity.

CCA Achievements:

CCA Main Page

Major events

Some major events such as Leadership and Fun camps, BBHQ events and competitions (National Level) will still be held on Saturdays or school holidays.

  • BB Leadership Camp (March Holidays) – for boys who have leadership potential – eligible for all boys except recruits 
  • BB Fun Camp (September Holidays) – for all boys 
  •  BB Week – the yearly fund raising exercise 
  •  BB Character Quest – a BBHQ level competition (open to all boys) 
  • BB Adventure Quest – a BBHQ level competition (open to all P6 boys) 
  • BB Cares – community project – an opportunity for boys to serve the underprivileged 
  • BB Share-a-Gift – contribution and distribution of foodstuff for the underprivileged

Achievement Badge Scheme

Duration : 3 years
No of Badges : 6
Name : White; Green; Blue: Red; Purple; Silver
How to achieve :
 Each level of achievement badge scheme comprises of 4 components: Spiritual, Enrichment, Social, and Physical. A test will be administered on completion of these components.

Gold Award (to be awarded at P6)

It is the highest award for the boys in Junior Section. In order to receive the award, the Boys must fulfil the following criteria:
 • Good behaviour
 • 6 achievement badges
 • 3 hours of community service
 • BB Adventure Quest
 • 80% attendance for any 2 years

Boys' Brigade CCA is conducted on :

Level Day Time Venue
P2 to P6 Thursday 2.15 – 4.00pm  Parade Square & B1-10/12

Boys Brigade Term 4 schedule:

Click here Boys' Brigade schedule. 

Boys Brigade teacher(s) are:

Teacher Overall I/C: Mr Tan Boon Tee
      2nd Teacher I/C: Mr Brian Song
       3rd Teacher I/C: Mrs Cheryl Goh
       4th Teacher I/C  Mdm Lu Na
       5th Teacher I/C: Mdm Shi Rui
       6th Teacher I/C: Mdm Rebekah Poh