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Sports and Games

National Hockey Championship
Senior Division- 2nd Placing
Junior Division- 1st Placing

EZ Netball Championship
Senior Division- 1st Placing
Junior Division- 1st Placing

National Netball Championship
Senior Division - 3rd Placing
Junior Division - Top 8 Placing

Table Tennis
EZ Table Tennis Championships
Junior Division (Boys)- 4th Placing

Crocodile Cup
Senior Girls (Individual) - Top 16 Placing

National Table Tennis Championships
Senior Boys (Team) - 4th Placing
Senior Girls (Individual) - Top 8 Placing

Aitong Nurture Cup National Age Group Championships
Team - Top 3 Placing
Boys U10 Nurture Category - Top 16 Placing
Girls U12 Open Category -  3rd, Top 8 Placing
Girls U12 Nurture Category - Top 8 Placing

EZ Volleyball Tournament
Senior Division- 3rd Placing
Junior Division- 6th Placing
National Sailing Championship
White Fleet (Girls Division) (Individual) - 1st, 4th, 5th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th  Placing
White Fleet (Boys Division) (Individual) - 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th Placing
Green Fleet (Girls Division) (Individual) - 1st, 2nd, 10th  Placing
Green Fleet (Boys Division) (Individual)- 6th, 8th Placing
Senior Girls (Individual)  - 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th Placing
Senior Boys (Individual)  -  7th, 8th Placing
Junior Girls Team Division- 1st Placing
Junior Boys Team Division- 1st Placing
Senior Boys Team Division- 3rd Placing
Swimming (External CCA)
National Primary School Swimming Championships
C Division
50 Back / 50 Free  - 1st Placing
50 Fly / 50 Breast - 3rd Placing
50 Fly / 50 Free - 2nd Placing
100m Butterfly - 5th Placing
200m Individual Medley (C Division)- 3rd Placing

D Division
100m Butterfly  - 6th Placing
200m Individual Medley - 7th, 8th Placing
50 Back / 50 Breast - 
3rd , 6th Placing
50 Back / 50 Free - 10th  Placing
50 Fly / 50 Back - 9th  Placing
50 Fly / 50 Breast - 5th Placing

Dance Trilogy (External CCA)
Get the Beat Dance Competition, Singapore
Jazz Solo (Individual) - 4th Placing
10 Years & Under Jazz Troupe (Team) - 
1st Placing
8 Years & Under Jazz Troupe (Team) - 1st Placing 
10 Years & Under Group Championships - Qualifier
Demi Character Solo (Individual)
4th Placing 
Any other style (Tap) Duo/Trio) (Team) 
1st Placing 
Jazz Troupe (Team) 
1st Placing  
Song & Dance Troupe (Team) 
1st Placing 
12 Years & Under Group Championship - Qualifier
Intermediate Group Championship - Overall Winner
Jazz Solo Open - Honourable Mention
Jazz / Song & Dance / Tap Troupe (Team) 
- 3rd Placing 
Freestyle (Lyrical) Troupe (Team) - 1st Placing
Demi Character Solo Novice (Individual)  - 1st Placing
Jazz/ Hip Hop Troupe (Team) - 2nd Placing
Song & Dance Solo Novice (Individual) 
2nd Placing
Freestyle (Song & Dance) Troupe (Team) 3rd Placing 
Tap Duo/ Trio (Team)
3rd Placing 
Song & Dance/ Tap Troupe (Team)
1st Placing

Commonwealth Society of Teachers' of Dancing (CSTD) Regional Competitions, Singapore
Jazz Solo Open - Honourable Mention
Jazz / Song & Dance/Tap Troup (Team)
 3rd Placing 
Freestyle (Song & Dance) Troupe (Team) 3rd Placing 
Freestyle (Lyrical) Troupe (Team) 1st Placing
Demi Character Solo Novice (Individual) 1st Placing
Jazz / Hip Hop Troupe Team - 2nd Placing
Song & Dance Solo Novice (Individual) 2nd Placing
Freestyle (Song & Dance) Troupe (Team) - 3rd Placing
Song & Dance / Tap Troupe Team 1st Placing

Taekwondo (External CCA)
National Taekwondo Championships
U34kg Red Belt (Junior Division Boys)- Gold Award

Inter School Taekwondo Championships
Poomsae Senior Red Belt - Gold Award
Kyorugi Senior Poom Red Belt - Bronze Award
Kyorugi Junior Red Belt - Gold, Bronze Award
Kyorugi Junior Poom Belt - Bronze Award

People's Association Singapore Taekwondo Federation (PA-STF) Championships
Poomsae Red Belt (Junior Division Boys) - Gold Award

Wushu (External CCA)
National Wushu Championships
Nanquan (Southern Fist)-  2nd Placing
Nan Gun (Southern Cudgel) - 2nd Placing
Nan Dao (Southern Boardsword)- 1st Placing

Gymnastics (External CCA)
Singapore Gymnastics Open Championships (Women's Artistic Gymnastics)
Individual - Gold Award

Uniformed Groups
Boys Brigade
Archery Junior Shoot (Individual) - 4th , 6th Placing
Archery Junior Shoot (Team) - 2nd , 3rd Placing
Adventure Quest (Team) - 7th Placing (Gold Honours Roll)
Highest Junior Award (Team) - Gold Award
Character Quest (Team) - 5th , 6th Placing

Girls Brigade
LGT Challenge - Gold, Silver Award

Clubs & Societies
National Inter-School Chess Championships (Individual)

Junior Division Girls East Zone (Individual) - Merit Award
Junior Division Boys East Zone (Individual)- Merit Award
Senior Division Boys East Zone (Individual)- Merit Award, 3rd Placing
Senior Division Girls East Zone (Individual)- 1st 2nd Placing
Team (East Zone) - 1st 2nd Placing

Inter School National Scrabble Championship Individual Event
Cup Category (Junior Div) (Individual) - Merit Award and 3rd  Placing
Plate Category (Junior Div) (Individual) - Merit Award
Bowl Category (Junior Div) (Individual) - Merit Award
Cup Category (Senior Div) (Individual) - Merit Award
P2 Category (Super Junior Div) (Team) - 2nd Placing
Plate Category (Junior Div) (Team) - Merit Award
Plate Category (Senior Div) (Team) - 2nd  and 4th  Placing
Cup Category (Senior Div) (Team) - 2nd Placing