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School Distinctive Programme (SDP)

Our School Distinctive Programme (SDP) is a unique platform which we have put in place for our co-curricular programmes. Guided by our school’s focus on the holistic development of every Hildan, the SDP serves as a platform for a school-wide approach to put greater emphasis on nurturing Hildans with 21st Century competencies.
Modules such as the School-based Leadership development package, Values-In-Action (VIA), Enrichment and Life-skills lessons are carried out weekly during curriculum hours. These modules are tiered and customised.

A) School-based Leadership Development:
We believe that every Hildan can learn and wants to succeed. Other than equipping them with the essential leadership skills, it is also important for every Hildan to to be intrinsically motivated to serve and show empathy for others. All students are given opportunities to lead and serve within the class or at the school level. The training sessions will emphasise key leadership skills, roles and expectations, as well as important values.

B) Values-In-Actions (VIA):
The P3 to P6 students leverage the SDP platform to carry out their VIA projects. The students apply Design Thinking protocol during their ideation and planning stages before executing their final VIA projects. By applying the Design Thinking protocol, students learn to be empathetic, critical and inventive thinkers.

C) Enrichment and Life-skills:
It is essential for every Hildan to be equipped with 21st Century Competencies such as Communication, Collaboration and Information Skills. These skills will empower them to become active and confident contributors when they work with others. Through the ICT-based Enrichment and Life-skills lessons which focus on skills, knowledge and dispositions, students’ self-management competencies are strengthened. They are also able to navigate relationships more effectively and responsibly.