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P2 Storytelling Workshop

During term 1, the P2 ML pupils participated in a fun and engaging 5 weeks storytelling workshop!

MTL Fortnight (News Reading Workshop)

Last year, the P6 pupils were star-strucked when a well-known news presenter came to conduct the workshop. The pupils have truly benefited from the workshop.

MTL Fortnight (Kompang Workshop)

The P5 pupils find it tough at first, but eventually they manage to work together to put up a simple performance of the kompang.

MTL Fortnight (Traditional Kuih Workshop)

The P4 pupils had a hands-on session on how to make a traditional food!

MTL Fortnight (Nasi Ambeng Workshop)

The P3 pupils learned about traditional eating etiquette and the history of Nasi Ambeng.

MTL Fortnight (Traditional Games)