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Champions at Singapore Amazing Machine Challenge 2016:
SHPS emerged as Champions at Singapore Amazing Machine Challenge 2016 held at Science Centre organised by SST & DSO on the 19-20 July.
The pupils Arissa Binte Kamaruzaman, Camillia Anum Mohamad Ashraff, Lara Wong Ren Ling & Vera Ong of P4/8.
won a Champion cup for the school and each child walked away with a gold medal and an Ipad mini.
Of the 16 teams in Category A (Junior) which participated, SHPS was selected as they created the amazing mega machine which composed of 8 distinctive stations which highlighted key elements to improve Singapore in SG100. Their visionary machine SG@100 was produced after toiling 5 months on the project. 
(Pupils with Minister Ong Ye Kung during an inspection & presentation session.)
Inline image 2

The team envisioned a future for SG100. Their machines consisted of 8 stations which represented the 8 future problems (they thought) SG would face in the next 50 years. To drive this machine, marbles were used to cause cascading chain reactions from one station to another. Some of the station highlights included their very own SG Space Station and their own air craft launch.

Inline image 3

They integrated Science Vs Innovation in their machine which tapped on concepts learnt beyond class (as shown below).

Inline image 1

Colourful Booth Set Up & 3D Artefacts at Science Centre
Inline image 4

Watch their machine in action - Filmed by Cyberpioneer:  https://www.facebook.com/the.samc/?fref=ts
Education Minister Ong Ye Kung pictures with them on his Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ongyekung/
Article by MINDEF Cyberpioneer Magazine: 

The pupils' video submission to SAMC for Finals : https://youtu.be/g9iyKYgLzUg


National Chinese Language Competition:

  • Selina Peh Yue Ning (P6/9)

PM Book Prize

  • Angeline Lai Rui Xi (2014 P6/10)

Scenario Writing National Finals:

  • Megan Sierra Chan (P5/9)

Creative Writing Programme

  • Kow Zi Ting (P5/8)
  • Nicole Tang Shu Ying (P5/8)
  • Vanessa Quek Jinghui (P5/8)
  • Jacob Tseng Wei-Jie (P5/8)
  • Ng Jing Wei (P5/8)

3rd Prize at Hackathon@SG 2015

  • Jeriel Tan Chee Ray (P4/9)
  • Syarique Izzan Bin Jamalluddin (P4/9)
  • Liew Wei Pyn (P4/9)

Raffles Science Olympiad 

Gold Award
Lin Yicheng (5/8)

Singapore Primary Science Olympiad

Gold Award
Wang Hengyue (P5/9)

Silver Award
  • Au Heng Hoi, Joel (P5/8)
  • Daniel Goh Jun Yong (P5/9)
  • Quan Zhuhua (P5/9)

Bronze Award
Tee Zhong En Ernest (P5/9)

2015_Primary Mathematics Project Competition

Commendation Award
  • Jeff Lim (P4/8)
  • Ian Lee Le Kang (P4/8)

2015_Royal Commonwealth Essay Writing Competition 

Gold Award
  • Cuison Jacob Dimaano (P6/9)
  • Mahima Srinidhi Hari (P6/10)

Silver Award
  • Edwin Wikarta (P4/8)
  • Eda Chua XinEn (P6/9)
  • Andrea Lim Jia-Yi (P6/9)
  • Tan Shannon (P6/9)

Bronze Award
  • Matthew Chan (P4/8)
  • Summer Lai (P4/8)
  • Isaac Lee (P4/8)
  • Jeff Lim (P4/8)
  • Jillian Lau (P4/9)
  • Himani Vasnani (P4/9)
  • Arielle Yeo Hui Wen (P6/9)
  • Celeste Chong Hao Yee (P6/9)
  • Ashley Cheo (P6/10)

Flash Fiction Writing Competition

Celeste Chong Hao Yee (P6/9) 2nd position

CIVICA Writing Competition

  • Kimmie Lau Rui Qi (P4/8)
  • Nicolle Yeo Minh (P4/8)
  • Madeleine Fung Sum Yee (P6/7 Mainstream) 
  • Matthew Ethan Ramli (P6/9)
  • Sebastian Lau Yao Quan (P6/9)
  • Elizabeth Leong Kyli (P6/10)

  • Eda Chua Xing En(P6/9)
  • Yap Xiao Hui(P6/9)

Singapore Malaysia Bilingual Olympiad 

Top 30th scorer:
Selina Peh Yue Ning (P6/9)

9th YMCA Mandarin Speaking Awards

National Top 3:
Megan Sierra Chan (P5/9)

Raffles Institution Primary Maths World Contest

RIPMWC - National Competition
Certificate of High Distinction
Nicole Tang ( P5-8) also achieved the top 2% of all the participants 

Certificate of Distinction
  • Clarissa Lee Yen Yee (P4-8)           
  • Matthew Aaron Chan Chun (P4-8)
  • Lai Yi Yi, Summer (P4-8)       
  • Lim Chun Feng, Joel (P4-8) 
  • Jacob Tseng Wei-Jie (P5-8)            
  • Daniel Ng Chun Kit (P5-8)   
  • Khoo Boo Han Jaedon (P5-9)         
  • Chia Kang Wei (P5-9)            
  • Chen XinYi (P5-9)      
  • Celeste Chong Hao Yee  (P6-9) 
  • Sebastian Lau Yao Quan (P6-9)
  • Yip Jing Han  (P6-10)                
  • Mahima Srinidhi Hari  (P6-10)
  • Avinash Keshav Veerayah  (P6-10)                   
Certificate of Credit
Selina Peh Yuet Ning    (P6-9)   
Johnson Kathiravan      (P6-10)
Banavali Varun Manoj   (P6-10)
Sean Christophe Inglin  (P6-10)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiad for Primary Schools

SMOPS - National Competition
Silver Award
  • Tan Shannon (P6-9)                         
  • Avinash Keshav Veerayah (P6-10)
  • Liow Enqi Janelle (P6-10)   

Bronze Award
  • Cuison Jacob DImaano (P6-9)        
  • Natasha Yeo Ting Yu (P6-9)
  • Banavali Varun Manoj (P6-10)      
  • Lim Kiat Yang Ryan (P6-10) 
  • Sophia Huan Shi Hui (P6-10)
  • Mahima Srinidhi Hari (P6-10)          
  • Yip Jing Han (P6-10)

RHB-The Straits Times Spelling Championships

East Zone Champion & Top 8 Placing in the Grand Finals
Selina Peh Yuet Ning (6/9)     

East Zone 2nd runner-up
Eda Chua (P6/9)

Kids' Lit Quiz Singapore Finals 

Team 1 – 2nd Position
  • Mahima Srindhi Hari (P6/9)
  • Vanessa Quek Jing Hui (P5/8)
  • Chen Hui Hsuen Letitia (P5/8)
  • Lee Jun Yi (P5/8)

Team 2 – 4th Position
  • Johnson Kathiravan (P6/10)
  • Nicolle Yeo Minh (P4/8)
  • Nicole Tang Shu Ying (P5/8)
  • Ng Jing Wei (P5/8)

RGS Math and Science Challenge

  • Selina Peh Yuet Ning (P6/9) : Top 9th position in Science Challenge
  • Yap Xiao Hui (P6/9): Top 10th position in Math Challenge