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In the belief that every child has an innate affinity to the Arts, we are committed to drawing on the natural curiosity of our Hildans and steering them towards the route of lifelong learning in the Arts. 

In order to excite, enrich and empower our pupils in this journey, we are committed to providing a dynamic environment where quality teaching and learning of Music and Arts is complemented with rich and engaging modular programmes. 

By offering an array of opportunities and key platforms for our pupils to showcase their artistic and musical expressions, we aim to cultivate confident, articulate and versatile Hildans in the Arts.

Our greatest aspiration is to see young hearts ignited, talents nurtured and passions birthed.

ART Alive

Art education is necessary as it influences our environment and serves as a platform for social communication. It is basic to an individual’s perception and understanding of the world in which we live in. Through art education, students learn to interpret these perceptions in visual form, respect and appreciate their own interpretations and those of others. 

At SHPS, our art program develops basic skills such as communication and fine motor skills, encourages visual awareness and is central to intellectual growth and creative self-expression. The goal of art education is to expose students to different art skills so that they can acquire a better understanding of art as a way of learning about themselves, the community, and the world around them. An education in art is imperative to the overall development of strong creative multi-disciplinary minds and the progression of humanity. For students living in a rapidly changing world, art teaches vital modes of seeing, imagining, inventing, and thinking. Those who have learned the lessons of art such as seeing new patterns, learning from mistakes, and envisioning solutions - are the ones likely to come up with the novel answers needed most for the future. 

Our art curriculum focuses on developing the whole child through art. It emphasizes comprehension, application and synthesis of information. Learning is made meaningful and relevant to the child through themes that promote life skills. As children form personal relevance, they yearn to learn more and hence take ownership for their learning. The range of activities explored in this curriculum caters to the different learning styles hence promoting the inclusion of all students. 

Music Alive - Key Programmes

P1: Orff Percussion Programme
Our Primary One pupils go through various processes of singing, listening, responding and creating rhythms and melodies with percussion instruments (e.g. wood blocks, hand drums, shakers, chime bells) and body percussion. They will showcase their talents in an ensemble performance by end of the module. 

The team-based activities and performances will encourage creativity and teamwork as well as help instil self-confidence in our pupils.     

P2: Music Around The World
In this programme, our Primary Two pupils are engaged in music appreciation as they are exposed to international cultures (e.g. Africa, the Phillipines, Taiwan) and dances of various tribes around the world. 

They will also be given the platform to showcase their musical expressions of an international piece for a collaborative dance performance. 

P3: Orff We Go
As this programme is centred on the Orff Approach in Music education, our Primary Three pupils will participate in a series of fun activities of singing, movement and playing on barred instruments such as the xylophones, metallophones and chime bells.   
By the end of this module, they would have learnt how to read a simple score from notation and perform different melodic parts in a class ensemble under a conductor. 

In the process of preparing for the class performance, good leadership skills and team skills would be cultivated in our pupils as they learn how to work with one another. 

P4: World Percussion
In this fun action-packed module, our Primary Four pupils get to learn about the musical cultures and percussive movements from Africa.

Pupils will have first-hand experience playing with percussion instruments such as Shekeres, Agogo, Dun-Duns and Congas. Through this, they develop basic percussive rhythms, hand techniques, drumming and coordination skills before they collaborate to create a rhythmic ensemble. 

This programme raises up leaders to lead the class effectively and helps to ignite pupils’ confidence as they experience the exhilarating ‘feel’ and energy of playing together. 

P5: Ethnic Percussion
This programme stretches our pupils’ experiences and abilities in playing percussion instruments to a more advanced level of coordination and movement with complex rhythms, relevant to local ethnic instruments of the Chinese, Indian and Malay culture.

Our primary fives are exposed to different ethnic instruments such as the Da Gu, Indian Dhols and Kompangs and unique rhythmic patterns that come along with each. In the process of playing these instruments, our pupils develop teamwork, confidence, coordination, concentration and discipline in an ensemble. 

P6: Guitar 
In this Guitar programme, our primary sixes learn a good variety of chords that enables them to play a range of songs ranging from local folk to western pop. They also pick up different strumming techniques that require them to practice concentration and coordination. 

This programme is useful as it equips them with basic playing skills should they consider advancing further in this instrument.

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