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2018 Student Council Election (click here to find more about the Candidates) 


How were the Head and Vice-Head Councillors candidates identified?

1) Nominations by teachers
Recommendations by Student Council Teacher Advisors
3) 360 feedback results
4) Level of enthusiasm, willingness to serve, consistent behaviour and performance as a leader.
5) Must be Confident, Articulate, Caring Ambassador, Leaders with Integrity

Important Information

Vice Head Councillors: Elect 3 out of 5
Councillors: Elect 5 out of 7
Results will be determined:
- from votes (Primary 2 to 6 students + teachers)
- Interview panel by School Leaders

Head Councillors Campaign  15 and 16 Jan  (Mon & Tue)

Morning Assembly
Hildan Ark: HC4, HC5
Hildan Quay : HC1, HC2, HC3
+ Recesses

Morning Assembly
Hildan Ark : HC6, HC7
Hildan Quay: HC4, HC5
+ Recesses

Morning Assembly
Hildan Ark : HC1, HC2, HC3
Hildan Quay : HC6, HC7

Vice Head Councillors Campaign : 18 and 19 Jan  (Thu & Fri)

Morning Assembly
Hildan Ark : VHC4, VHC5
Hildan Quay: VHC1, VHC2, VHC3
+ Recesses

Morning Assembly
Hildan Ark : VHC1, VHC2, VHC3
Hildan Quay: VHC4, VHC5
+ Recesses


Do not touch the posters that are put up.

Check out the TV screens.  Find out more about the candidates through their powerpoint slides. 

Encourage the candidates by spending some time to listen to what they have to share during recess.  Join in the fun! 

Make a responsible decision