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School Rules

1. APPEARANCE– Live Responsibly 
School Uniform

         1.1 Students are to wear the prescribed school uniform to school (including Saturdays and school holidays, school functions and school outings). No modification to the school uniform is allowed.
        1.2 Students are allowed to wear their PE T-shirts throughout the day if they have PE periods on that particular day.
        1.3 Moustaches, beards and long sideburns are not permitted. School Name Tag
        1.4 Students must wear their name tags at all times. The name on the tag should be in accordance with the child’s statutory name in the Birth Certificate.
Hair (Boys)
        1.5 Hair must not cover the ears or touch the collar of the shirt.
        1.6 No dyeing or highlighting of hair is allowed.
Hair (Girls)
        1.7 Hair must be neat, tidy and combed back from the face. Fringe must not touch the eyebrow and must be secured with                     clip or band (navy blue or black).
        1.8 Long hair (touching shoulder) must be tied up neatly with navy blue or black ribbon or band.
        1.9 No dyeing or highlighting of hair is allowed.
Ornaments, Jewellery or Valuables
       1.10 No ornaments or any forms of jewellery except ear studs only in gold, silver or solid black are to be worn in school.
       1.11 No valuables, expensive items, toys, pets or sharp objects should be brought to school unless instructed.
       1.12 No objectionable objects or articles should be brought to school.
Mobile Phones
       1.13 Mobile phones are only allowed to be used at the security post or with a teacher’s permission.
2. ATTENDANCE– Live Responsibly 
        2.1 Students must be punctual to report for school. AM – 07.30am PM – 12.15pm
        2.2 All Students must attend school on school days. No approval will be given to any Students who go on holiday during school days.
        2.3 A medical certificate must be produced when a pupil is absent for more than a day and a letter from parents stating the reason for absence of one day.
        2.4 Students are to sit for all examinations and assessments unless certified medically unfit by a doctor.
        2.5 Students must not leave school without permission during school hours.
        2.6 Students who are required to attend LSP, remedial or supplementary lessons are expected to be regular and punctual.

3.  CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES– Learn Continuously/Live Responsibly 
        3.1 Students from P4 onwards are strongly encouraged and expected to participate in CCA.
        3.2 Non-participants or supporters in competitions or tournaments are to be in their school uniform or PE attire as required.         3.3 Students are to attend CCA regularly.
4. ASSIGNMENTS– Live Responsibly
        4.1 Assignments must be submitted punctually.
        4.2 They must be neat and of acceptable quality.
        4.3 Copying of answers or work from friends is strictly not allowed.

5. ASSESSMENTS– Live Responsibly/Lead Wisely 
        5.1 Students must arrive punctually in school for all assessments and examinations.
        5.2 No handphones or any electronic devices are allowed.
        5.3 Parents are not allowed to meet their children during assessment/examination period.
        5.4 Cheating is a serious offence and will be severely dealt with.

 6. GENERAL BEHAVIOUR– Love Sincerely/Live Responsibly
        6.1 Students are to uphold the good name of the school by exercising self-discipline in school and outside school.
        6.2 Students must not enter Staff Rooms, Staff lounges and Special Rooms unless with permission.
        6.3 Students are to practise “Greet, Smile, Thanks” at all times.
        6.4 Students are to queue up for food and all services. Food and drinks must be consumed in the canteen.
        6.5 Students must keep the school clean at all times. 6.6 Students are to move from point to point in an orderly manner at all times.

        7.1 All furniture, equipment and resources are school property and must not be vandalized or mishandled. Any damage must be reported to the teacher immediately.
        7.2 No food or sweet drinks are to be consumed.
        7.3 No playing or running.
        7.4 Observe discipline and cleanliness.
        7.5 All schoolbags are to be packed daily to ensure that they are not necessarily heavy.
        7.6 Ensure that the student’s handbook and the Hymn book are brought to school every day.
        7.7 No students must remain in the classroom during recess unless accompanied by a teacher/s.

8. SERIOUS OFFENCES– Live Responsibly
Serious offences include:
     Leaving school grounds without permission, truancy, cheating in tests and examinations, forgery, open defiance, rudeness, bullying/cyber-bullying, disruptive behavior, IT-Related offences (irresponsible posting on the internet, hacking, unhealthy surfing), arson, theft, assault, fighting/gangsterism, extortion, gambling, smoking, possession of weapons/dangerous items.

9. TRAFFIC RULES– Live Responsibly
        9.1 Students must obey traffic rules at all times especially at pedestrian crossings.
        9.2 No jay walking.

10. NATIONAL EDUCATION– Love Sincerely
        Students who are Singapore Citizens must sing the National Anthem and stand at attention. Student must take the pledge with his//her right fist over his/her heart.

On referral to the Student Development Committee for non-compliance of school rules, one or more of the following actions will be taken:
• Corrective work order     • Names to be keyed into the     • Out of school suspension     • Counselling School Offence Module   
• Corporal Punishment      • Internal suspension                   • Detention and reflection      • Contract and warning
• Loss of privilege(s)           • Compensation of stolen            • Other alternatives deemed appropriate
• Ineligibility for awards items/damaged property to correct unacceptable behaviour

        The school believes that good discipline is an important contributing factor towards creating an effective school. While the teachers try their best to teach self-discipline and desirable behaviour in a positive way, they seek the cooperation of parents and guardians to reinforce such discipline. If students violate the school rules and need to be disciplined, the school seeks the understanding of parents and guardians to support the Student Development Committee when it executes disciplinary actions.

The School’s Discipline Committee comprises:
• Principal                              • HOD / Student Development                     • SH / Pastoral Care             
• Vice-Principal                     • SH / Student Leadership                             • All Teachers

1. All students must be punctual for tests and examinations.
2. Students who are not able to sit for the tests/ examinations must produce a medical certificate. Absentees without such medical certificates will not have their marks for their tests/examinations pro-rated. We seek your co-operation to exercise social responsibility when your child is unwell. Students are advised to stay away from school until they are deemed fit by the medical doctor to return to school. Parent should inform the school of the absence of their child.
3. If a student misbehave or do not follow the examination regulations during the examination, he/she may also be expelled from the examination room/hall and not allowed to sit for subsequent papers. His/her examination results may also be forfeited.
4. All students must be honest and truthful during tests/examinations. Students are considered to have cheated tests/examinations when they are found:
        • copying from another student or allowing another student to copy.
        • possessing and/or using unauthorised reading and/or writing materials, or personal belongings such as mobile phones,                         computerised wrist watches, MP3 player, digital camera or any other electronic devices capable of storing and                                 displaying visual and verbal information.
        • attempting to obtain assistance from others via mobile phones, passing of notes, making gestures etc.
5. Any student caught cheating or attempting to cheat or involved in any way to cheat during tests/examinations will be heavily penalised for that subject.
6. Any student who attempts to alter marks on tests/examinations will also be heavily penalised for that subject.
7. There will not be any makeup examination sessions for students who are absent from any of the examinations.